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Comprehensive Energy Curtailment &
Demand Response Solutions

Ziphany offers comprehensive, customizable software solutions for energy marketers, demand response providers, utilities, and other energy companies. With Ziphany, energy companies benefit from innovative solutions with a progressive interface - customized with all the features you need and none you don't.

Experience & Foresight
in Energy Solutions

Ziphany was formed in 1999 by a team of world-class programmers and business consultants with extensive experience in the energy industry. With the foresight of emerging advanced meter reading, M2M technology, demand response, and deregulated energy markets, Ziphany is ahead of the curve and strategically positioned to meet & exceed tomorrow's industry needs today!

Energy Market Share

Ziphany and its products service more than 25,000 energy locations across North America. With a sizeable footprint in many energy markets, Ziphany provides acute expertise to deregulated markets, including:

  • New York - MDSP Certified (Meter Data Service Provider)
  • California - CAISO - MDMA Certified
  • New England - IBCS Certified
  • IESO - Ontario, Canada
  • PJM - Mid-Atlantic
  • Texas
  • ...and more!

Energy Operations Strategy

Many energy operations monitor their critical processes, but use it primarily for onsite engineering or process control. Ziphany's solutions transform collected data into knowledge, which in turn, produces profitable action.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our attentive Account Executives understand that Ziphany's top priority is you. Every one of Ziphany's partners benefit from an assigned representative acting as the primary contact point, ensuring attentive service. Contact Ziphany to find out more about our energy software solutions.

Ziphany enables energy companies to grow aggressively and to bolster their bottom-lines.