Remote Asset Management or M2M Ziphany, better decisions thru remote monitoring

Sensors and Data Loggers
At the heart of any Remote Asset Management System are the meters, sensors and data loggers that capture the data. We support most makes and models. We can supply these devices for your project or work with the devices you supply.

Data Collection
We collect and store data using our proven platform. Depending on the meters, sensors and data loggers in place, we can collect the data via Ethernet, Phone Line, Cellular or Satellite.

Meter Data Management
To ensure easy access to data, we provide a single data repository for all data. All data, no matter how it was collected or from which device, is stored in our single data repository on our platform.

Sometimes all a company wants is the data, and we will happily provide that. But our greatest value comes from the analysis tools that help a company understand the data and make better decisions. We provide a robust set of on-demand software applications that can turn data into knowledge.
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  • M2M Dashboard

  • Alarming and Notifications
    This easy-to-configure application can alert appropriate individuals at the moment specific events happen.

  • Custom Applications
    Most out-of-the-box applications only address 95% of the user needs. We understand this and can modify our applications to meet your exact needs.