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Services for Energy Marketers Ziphany, software for deregulated energy markets

Ziphany’s Dart software enables Energy Marketers to grow their retail book of business with a scalable and robust software solution.

In the past, spreadsheets, home-grown systems, and older inflexible third party systems were used to manage your business. These systems were never built to be scalable and robust. They were built to accomplish the specific goals of the current business environment.

Dart was built specifically to address the needs and requirements of Energy Marketers of Electric and Natural Gas in deregulated markets.


  • Solution Overview

  • Customer Information System
    LDC Accounts, Meters and Cycle Usage managment

  • Contract Management
    Term, Acquisition Method and Pricing

  • Transaction Management
    ISO Integration bids and settlements

  • EDI
    Supports all required documents including 814, 824, 867, 810, 820, 824, 568, 248 and 997

  • Load Shaping and Forecasting
    Utilizes LDC specific load profiling techniques along with Weather Normalization and Regression analysis for acurate forecasting

  • Billing
    Support LDC billing, Marketer billing or Dual billing

  • CRM
    Manage customer interactions

  • Accounts Rec. and G/L
    Optional integration to AR and GL